Extracted from herbal plants,

it is a healthy shampoo in pH4.9 and contains with no SLS,

chemical preservatives, soap base, and artificial colors.

Adopting amino acid surfactants,

it is mild and able to gently clean your hair with moisture.

Help develop a healthier scalp and ideal for every-day usage.

Healthy Hair Scalp (21)

Aromase 5α 頭皮淨化液 260ml

RM76.90 MYRRM106.90 MYR

Aromase 每日健康洗髮精 520ml

RM66.90 MYRRM94.90 MYR

Aromase 洗髮沐浴潔淨露 260ml

RM74.90 MYRRM106.90 MYR

Aromase 5α 头皮净化液 260ml

RM33.90 MYRRM47.90 MYR

Aromase 保濕護理露 80ml

RM81.90 MYRRM119.90 MYR

Aromase 头皮护理喷雾 115ml

RM129.90 MYRRM189.90 MYR

Aromase 頭皮淨化液CC 260ml

RM89.90 MYRRM118.90 MYR

Aromase 头皮护理喷雾 115ml x2

RM209.90 MYRRM379.80 MYR

Aromase 头皮护理喷雾 115ml x4

RM335.90 MYRRM759.60 MYR

Aromase 保濕護理露 80ml x2

RM131.90 MYRRM239.80 MYR

Aromase 保濕護理露 80ml x4

RM211.90 MYRRM479.60 MYR

Aromase 5α 头皮净化液 260ml x2

RM99.90 MYRRM149.80 MYR

Aromase 5α 头皮净化液 260ml x4

RM159.90 MYRRM299.60 MYR